Therefore BIGGPLUS

Setting targets and reaching them successfully : That ‘ s what makes our story !..

If we retire one day, we want to leave a company behind with beautiful memories and accomplishments. Only then, we thought, could we outlive the “time“ that flows like a river and has no return!..

Therefore, we have been creating fresher targets and continuing to add on new projects to our portfolio every year.

Some of those targets were so big that we had to elaborate them with a double “ g “ in our brand name, the “ BIGG “. As of today, after some 10 years, having added so much to our value chain; we feel we have to add another token to our BIGG brand name, now “ a plus ( + ) “, to denote upcoming change for our company.

Therefore we call it the “ BIGG + “..

Let us give you a brief history of our journey, that has begun in 1999 with the “ BIGG “ concept and still continues with ceaseless enthusiasm in 2012: Bigglook, many would remember, was the popular web portal of the early Internet days. It offered a wide range of content, all developed in-house, from entertainment to food, from movies to travel.

Along with it, we have had launched two e-commerce sites at the same time, namely, and Their immediate online sales, pulled us into the Internet river flowing and changing rapidly.

The success on the e- commerce resulted in SANAL MAGAZA achieving a leading position on Loyalty and Reward programmes in a very short time. We invested a great deal into logistics and opened our Samandıra Warehouse of 10.000 square meters with a capacity of 5000 individual parcels a day for serving top companies of Turkey, exclusively on loyalty.

On the other hand, our other group company, ARISTO has been offering Internet related E-Reward services both for Sanal Magaza and its own clients.

Our third group company, On-Net is complementing the cycle by its “ Worldwide products “ imported in from various parts of the world. As the exclusive representative of world famous brands such as Pf Concept, Slazenger, Lotto, Koziol, Troika, etc. On-Net provides BIGGSHOP Franchise chain and our other retail channels with all those special products, let alone sourcing promotional gifts to sales generating marketing projects and merchandise shops of companies.

As of 2012, our group services focus on 4 major areas :

  • Loyalty
  • E-commerce
  • Worlwide Products ( Wholesale & Promotion )
  • Retail

Everthing flows and we continue working. As we work, things turn anew, carrying us forward in every step.

Our vision set in 1999, still rules on in 2012, both for our clients and their own clients.

BIGG +, besides this, contributes new and positive values to our lives and that of our company to grow. Working as a team, our expectation is that our road to success will continue. Sincerely yours,

Enis Karslıoğlu

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