Biggloyalty, a leader in loyalty programs, offers its customers traditional, online, mobile and social media content loyalty programs with complementary loyalty applications and over 1500 loyalty projects that have been implemented so far.

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ON-NET Worldwide Products

Being the leading product designer in promotional and design products with retail quality, On-Net is contributing to the corporate value of the companies operating in every sector with more than 5.000 various products worldwide since 1999.

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ARISTO E-Rewards Applications

Aristo provides all softwares and Technologies for loyalty programmes of BIGGPLUS Group.

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BIGGPLUS, established in 1999, is the leading Loyalty & E-Rewards company in Turkey serving in more than 20 industries such as FMCG, Telecommunication, Food, Retail, Aviation, Insurance, Tobacco, Financial services, etc.

Offering dynamic technologies of realtime online reward portals, social media integrated engagement loyalty, affinity group private shopping stores, etc. Sanal Mağaza covers a wide range of loyalty schemes especially on Customer Loyalty Programmes (Targeting end users), Business Partner Rewards (for Distributors and Agencies) and Employee Recognition Programmes (For corporate employees).

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Biggloyalty Global Rewards

Biggplus Holding designing and managing loyalty projects since 1999 has been serving to over 95 countries.

Global Employee Rewards and Social Recognition Platform
The Biggstars Employee Rewards and Social Recognition Platform, increases employee motivation and productivity by rewarding employees in an intranet social environment, enhances internal communication and creates a culture of appreciation through web and mobile based applications by leveraging corporate values.

Dealer Rewards and Campaign Management Programme
Biggclub application is a rewarding, campaign and content management application aimed at increasing the loyalty and sales performance of dealers and agencies. With the Biggclub application, the dealers, agents and registered sales points are not only able to make purchases, but also earn points as a result of the actions they have taken.


Customer Loyalty For End Users
It is a mobile rewarding platform that provides end-users to collect points while buying their products, get several advantages and spend earnt points not only at the point of sale but also in the award portal Biggrewards.

The Richest Reward Portal of the World
Integrating with the software of loyalty programs for end-users, dealers and employees, Biggrewards brings a fresh air to rewarding by over 850 brands and more than 25,000 products in 30 main categories.


On-Net Worldwide

Being the leader of use-in-technology, On-Net presents its customers with the required product and solution needs online. Especially , online purchasing platform, we produce overall printed or design solutions for the customers, in immediate need with updated sales prices and real-time stock on display.

On-Net supports many departments such as; sales, marketing, corporate communication and purchasing. Also customers with the need for creative trade marketing solutions, promotional products, merchandising shops and strong technical infrastructure, On-Net is the address for all their needs....

• licensed design collection
• city merchandise collection
• airlines merchandise collection
• brand merchandise collection
• licensed movie merchandise collection
• museum merchandise collection


Aristo Software Development


Aristo provides all softwares and Technologies for loyalty programmes of BIGGPLUS Group.
Workflow of projects are creating by ARISTO and modified for every customer. Our ERP systems are customized for every Project and the needs of the Project is our main focus. The systems are automized with softwares and hardwares.

Excellent Service, Excellent Technology
ARISTO executes the Projects with special web based tools. Also the company has advanced reporting tools and control panels. After the start of the Project monitoring the success of the case would be your joy. Aristo is specialized in the areas of latest Technologies and web; providing service to its customers is the main target of the company.

• The mechanisms of the sales and reward campaigns that will work on the customer-specific award sites are designed by Aristo.

• The software team also performs points earning and spending calculations, such as gift placement on category basis, order tracking, and reporting.

• Aristo, It can meet hundreds of thousands of online orders every day with its own developed special software and strong IT infrastructure.

• Thanks to special software, loyalty programs can be customized according to the demands of the brand and campaigns can be created on a user basis.

Worldwide Delivery to 95 Countries

We are becoming very strong and dominant in the global market with our new opened offices and logistics centers in Dubai for Middle East and Amsterdam for Europe.

We have opened new offices and logistics centers in Dubai for Middle East and Amsterdam for Europe and we are becoming dominant in the global world. While leaving almost 20 years behind in the sector, we are bringing our services to more than 95 countries with our regional centres both in Turkey & overseas and we are now providing a much richer range of products and faster delivery process to our valuable customers.


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